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Didn't bolt


Word count: 321
Pairing: Ennis/Jack
One shot
Disclaimer: Ennis and Jack belong to Annie Proulx. No money is made from this.

A/N: After the lake side argument. From the "If only" category.

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States of a Life

Some musings on Ennis' life. Very short. Canon


The day he met Jack.
The day Junior was born.
The day Jenny was born.
Coming thru on the 24th.


Holding Jack in his arms.
Tucking your children in at night.
A kiss.
Don Wroe's cabin. 


One curve in the road.
End of summer.
It ain't gonna be that way.
Too many good-byes. 


Four fucking years apart.
I got the girls this weekend.
Not making it in August.
We was good friends.


Every day since then.

Title: Blue Streak
Author: neverdone39
Genre: AU
Pairing: Ennis & Jack
Word Count: 219
Warnings: none
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Annie Proulx. I don't make any money from it and don't want to.

AN: Thanks to MarieZ who inspired this short one-shot by her promt "under the radar".

Summary:Jack is talking without drawing a breath

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Ten Microfics

Author: neverdone39
Genre: Mircofic
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Annie Proulx
Feedback: very welcome

A/N: Fizzerbass
did it first. The challenge is to write ten snippets of BBM FF in ten different categories (AU, AU/AU, Angst, Humor, etc)- each one in ten words or less. Stuff in parenthesis doesn't count.

I like the ten words challenge and thought I'd give it a shot.

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Title: 1250
Pairing: our boys of course
Genre: one-shot, short, 512 words
Author: neverdone39
Warnings: won't be continued, you'll have to imagine for yourself
Disclaimer: Ennis and Jack belong to Mrs. Proulx. I do not make money of this
Feedback: I love it!

AN:This is dedicated to mariez because she keeps the drabblefest going over on BM. And because this piece was insprired by todays prompts. Thank you Marie!

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Full moon

Another full moon, another month. Ennis didn't look up to the full moon anymore and he had stopped counting the months, they were all the same anyway. Just another month of nothing.

Back then he had counted the months. When they had been worth counting. When months had meant the time between two trips.

Back then he had also looked up to the full moon. But not anymore. No sense in it. There was no one down in Texas who saw exactly the same moon.
Five things said in a tent

* S'alright, s'alright

* Yeah, just like that

* Look, it's only four months, not four years

* I'm so sorry 'bout last month

* I miss you, too

After that, nothing more was ever said in a tent.


Lureen woke him in the middle of the night.


"I'm tired, Jack."

"You woke me to tell me you're tired?"

"I can't sleep when you're dreaming like this, throwing around, muttering..." She paused, looking straight in her husband's eyes "...and crying."

"Sorry, must have had a bad dream." Jack turned to avoid any further conversation, but Lureen was having none of it.

"You're having bad dreams for six weeks now. " She took a deep breath. "You should give him a call."

Jack turned back around towards her. "Who?"


He only stared at her.

"Jack, I'm not dumb. I'm in this marriage as long as you are. For a long time I wondered what was wrong. Eventually I gave up and just let it be. Let's be honest here: our marriage isn't one for years now."

Jack sat up, still staring at her, the horrifiying feeling getting worse by the minute.

"You know, I used to wonder about Ennis Del Mar, too. Why he never came down to Texas, why I never met him and why you're so damned happy every time you set up for a fishing trip. I let that be, too."

She gave him another long glance.

"Then, after your trip in May, you began to cry in your dreams. And you call his name...and suddenly... everything made sense. Jack, I know."

"Why don't you yell at me?" Jack was too shocked to react in any appropirate way.

"As I told you, I'm tired. Not only for tonight, but in general. Tired of pretending nothing's wrong, tired of a marriage that doesn't deserve it's name, tired of being unhappy, tired of seeing you unhappy, even tired of being the bitch here in our houshold."

At that point, she gave him a weary smile. "Some years ago I would have yelled at you. Meybe even some months ago. But not anymore, I'm too sick of it. Let's try to sleep now and talk tomorrow."

With that, she switched out the light on the nightstand.

Jack sat in the dark, not knowing what to think, when he heard Lureen's voice once more. "Call him tomorrow."

"Can't. He's got no phone."

"Well, then do something about it."

"We fought last time."

"Then set it staight again. But don't strain your luck with me. I'm gonna sleep now."

Jack got up, too confused and discomposed to sleep.

Half a night and numerous cigarettes later, he felt better. Yes, he was going to set it straight.


Warnings: character death

He died in an odd accident. Tire blew up while he was fixin' it. Broke his nose and jaw, left him unconscious on his back. He drowned in his own blood. He was only thirty-nine years old.

I found him when he didn't come back from doing the groceries. Don't have no words for that day. I always knew it can't be forever. Only ever hoped it would be me.

But for all that, I am thankful for 16 years we were together after I had said yes, back in 67.

Andy and Lucy

Andy's Diner was 4 hours from Riverton. His owner, Andrew Dubois, had held his business for almost his entire lifetime. Andy knew Jack Twist pretty well since he stopped there two or three times a year for 16 years and sat down at the bar, chatting with Andy and other customers. Always cheerful; a friendly and open guy.

Andy would have been surprised by the fact that Lucy didn't remember Jack Twist at all. Jack stopped at her café at the interstate 83 just as regularly. But there was nothing remarkable about the silent man who always sat in a booth in the far corner, only 30 miles short of Childress.